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In the society, the stable relationship can be helpful for many facets of your life. You can be confident when communicating with others, strengthening the relations with people surrounding, or improving many facets of your life if you build good relationships up. However, the life is not so smooth, and not all of the relationships reach the happy endings. The complicated problems can occur sometimes, or some misunderstanding cannot be avoided when people do not believe each other. People can get stuck if they do not find solutions to their relationships. As a result, some useful advice is necessary from someone experienced.

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Relationship Advice Chat

A lot of people seek advice on their relationships by asking their close friends or members in their families. Some will directly ask for a psychic or a fortune teller’s help. Others choose to get the recommendations on the Internet. When using the useful online services, perhaps they are in need of someone’s comments, or they do not want to share the personal matters with their close people.

More about types of relationships

Relationships can be classified into many different types. Understanding these ones can help people receive the best advice and solutions to their problems.

Relations In Love

Relations in love

The love of two people can be known as one type of the relationship. When people fall in love; happiness, sweetness, sorrow, or despair are some issues that cannot be stayed away. Some couples need the handy guidance or solutions to the unexpected when their love affairs tend to fall down.


The relations in the friends sometimes can break down. It seems hard to keep you stay away the disagreements over the opinions with your friends; therefore, some advice is actually needed to heal these splits within your friendship.

Relations in Family

Frequently, we can have different opinions about hobbies, attitudes, and manners even with our siblings or members in family, which can cause the conflicts. We can share and discuss together but what can you do when nobody in your family understands or disagrees with your ideas? Maintaining the healthy relationship has a profound influence on the mentalities of ourselves or families.

Relations in the society

The relations in work and in the society are very important. It is not easy to balance these in the harmony.

If you are seeking Relationship Advice Chat…

At times, you can not handle all of the difficulties in the relationship by yourself. Thus, good advice is in need, but who can help you among thousands of Internet visitors?

Spiritual Advice

Spiritual Advice

A few problems in relations with your lover, your boss, or your sibling can be solved by some spiritual advice. People can find the solutions, insight or the hidden reasons when they get some guidance from Spiritual world.

The advice from the couples

Find some couples and listen to their advice. These people can share their experiences or help to analyze your problems. For instance, you can receive their recommendations when preparing to get married. In addition, thanks to theirs, you will know the way to improve the current tension in your relationship.

The counseling from individuals

With the development of the technology, you can enter the chat rooms and confer with your close friend or someone else about your problems. For example, if your friend has ever broken up with someone, you can give them some counseling via chatting online.

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    • When you can look into this persons eyes, think of all the memories and precious moments, and you’re able to say you don’t love them that’s when you can give up.

  1. I am so confused. I was not looking for any one in my life and up pops this man that I have known for about 8 years , from a distance , we begin dating and it has been 6 months of heaven, we see each other at least 2 times a week. I have not had a lot of relationships in my life , six to be exact, they have been long term. but the last 2 were very dysfunctional, 20 years and 3 kids and 8 years. I had decided that if I could not make a good choice, being ACOA, that to teach my children I would remain single . Then out of the blue this man comes along and we have soooo much in common, now it feels to me like I am a secret. His daughter has been in the room 4 times while I was at his house having dinner with him and his son and he has not introduced me ??

  2. My girlfriend said she wanted to be more casual with our relationship, and I respect that completely, but I’m more of of a romantic. I love loving people, enjoy holding their hands and the feeling of their head on my shoulder. But, I’m afraid if I ask for that, she’ll get scared off and feel like I pressured her. She’s a bit shy as well, so when I tried talking to her about what she was and wasn’t comfortable with, she subtly answered a couple things, but changed the subject after. You have any advice?

  3. Ok,’s been 6 months that I’ve been crushing on this dude. It all started out when I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me on my birthday and I was lost and confused for 8 months and single,so I joined the wrestling teams and I dislocated my elbow and somehow it make me and this one guy in particular on my wrestling team closer to me.We became really good friends,than I started freaking crushing and fell for him.(And also I knew this guy way back in Jr High and now we are Juniors/Seniors and we happen to bump heads again)Turns out,right when I was putting my walls down..I find out he’s taken. We text 24/7,always find ways to see each other and enjoy each others company..I told him how I feel about him,and it wasn’t a bother.But I have no idea what to do,remain being his friend and wait till the time is right and he’s single or just give up? I’m not a giver upper person,so this really sucks! He gives me mixed signals like compliments,keeping me away from dudes,teaching me wrestling techniques and saying “I love you” every night.I really don’t want to intrude in their relationship!

    • It’s because they either want something to hold on to you, or they want something to remember you by, or they want something back in return for the thing they have.

  4. Hello, i’m a Nigerian. I’m dating a girl who is older than me with 3 years. I love her very much and she love me too but i’m not sure she do cos she hardly show it. She always hide things from me and share unnecessary things with me. She hardly collect things from me saying her parents will ask where she got it from. The worst part, atimes, she’ll make me very happy and atimes very sad. When she is outside with friends, she hardly talk to me, for her to hug me she’ll say no even to touch her hand she’ll be acting as if we’re haggling. I need help pls

  5. Im trying to keep my marriage together,but it seems like im the only one that is trying to keep it together. So what do I do cuz Im tired of hurting on a day to day base’s

  6. So I like this shy guy an it’s kind of frustrating! His mom told me mom a while ago that she believes that he likes me but he is just too immature and plays his games all the time. Whenever we are hang input with a group of friends I find him looking at me a lot but he hardly talks to me. Sometimes he will say hi to me but that is rare and sometimes he will wave goodbye but he doesn’t do that anymore. A while ago his mom said that he was being teased by his friend because of me. Maybe that is part if the problem? I text him sometimes and we talk for a little while but then he just stops responding.. Wouldn’t a guy who is interested in you keep in contact? What do you think? What should I do?

  7. Hi, my name is brandy and iam 22. ive been having a really big problem with my off n on boyfriend name alex or cheo i call him and he is 32. he is Salvadorean and i am a mix of indian and black. a year and some month ago i have meet this man and the 1st month was really great. but at the beginning was a bit rocky cause i ended up meting an ex of his the same day. my 1st warning sign was a night he had to sneak me out of his house because his ex supposibly came in without him knowing.i didn’t speak to him for a week, and eventually he convinces me to talk to him again. i thought things was gonna go good but the next few months there’s been alot of rumors that he has 3 kids from 3 girls. i am not a person to believe in rumors without proof, but on the other hand it seems a little true because two months after he was trying to convinces me to move in and have a kid with him. without any proof i choose to stay with him and as the month pass i found out he has a kid with a girl but he has other woman hes been sleeping with besides me, so we stop speaking again. he ended up moving next to where i live or close to where i live and we started talking again. but its been arguments. i know he still sleeps with woman but he ended up confessing to me this year that he gets paid to sleep with woman. of course i was pisst off but i was a little relieved that he was coming clean, two months later i ended up moving in with him and it was ok, i really do love him and i know he knows it, but i feel like he takes advantage of that. there was a time when we broke up i decided to move on to another guy. when i got over cheo he had hit me up with how pisst he was that i was with another guy n how i don’t call or talk to him anymore n how he wanted me back. i said no for a week but it got to my head, at the end of the day i ended up leaving the other guy for cheo . as i was with cheo ive notices that he hasent been sleeping with anybody but me, but there still would be arguments about his money and how he drinks. he drinks alot and he is very controlling, i have to do things right or he will hurt me mentally which doesan’t help cause i have a short temper when it comes to his brutal word’s, i ended up moving with my granma cause i needed to regain my life, a part of me is saying that i made a mistake leaving him cause he got upset. right now we are once again at the breaking point. i don’t even know what he is doing and i wont be moving back with him until next year of augest, but i need to know if iam gonna be wasting my time doing it. i don’t wanna keep making mistakes with this guy, but i don’t even know if he legit cares about me like he claims or was it just an act. he has never hit me and he has gave me w.e i wanted but money isant everything to me but i feel like it is to him.

    • you did the right thing leaving him, my father was like him… they seem like good people but they arnt… i know leaving someone you love is hard… im doing it right now… but what he is doing isnt ok, it is your decision and i dont want you to feel like i am telling you this guy is just a horrible person, i dont know him, but it sounds like in the big picture he isnt the best guy. and guys like that dont need women like you… and if you smile enough it tricks you mind into being happy… so keep that in mind when ever you get upset :) i hope everything works out…

  8. I been in a relationship of almost 3 years and lately me and my partner are having a lot of arguments. Some of them because he lied to me about smoking weed and some others because he can’t separated our relationship from the relationship with his friends. I been feeling like i’m just next. we live together and i feel he’s taking me for granted. But i don’t know if im just mad or if i’m right or wrong. I left and havent talk to him since, i been waiting to see if he’s gonna show some interest but he hasn’t call or text. what should i do? try to talk to him or keep waiting? I also said things i didn’t mean. it’s not the first time this happened either.

  9. I met a new guy about 3 months ago and recently we took it to another level and had sex. Everything was going great for about a week, which he stop calling me and the only communication we have is a text in the morning that simply says, GM it use to say GM Wifey. He did inform me that he was taking on another job and we won’t talk at times, but I didn’t think it would be like this. My baby is working two full time jobs, so he can get his home remodel. Did I mention we live in two different states but it’s only a hour away, so what do you think? I really like this guy a lot., so my question to you is should I cut my lost? And why is it that he’s not communicating with me anymore?

  10. Okay I need advice because something happened yesterday and it affected my today and im pretty much a social outcast for not being sensitive enough to this guys feelings, this guy that I really like btw, and he isnt talking to me and I really just feel depressed and im sooo sick of crying but I cant help myself

  11. I have been divorced since 2005 and I am in my 40′s. I met a guy in his 50′s recently on a dating site. We met physically last we and he is just right for me. He has been in touch everyday since we met but very platonic in his discussions. I try to tell him that I miss him whenever he texts me but he doesn’t comment on my texts. He is a gemini and I would not want to push him away by showing him how much I care about him but at the same time I don’t want to get hurt. Please help me.

  12. Hi don’t know where to start anyway, met this girl two years ago. I was jus after comin out of a six year relationship. We met up at least 10 times in the space of about 2 months I was really Fallen for her but thought it was more infatuation, I was suppose to be goin to canada with my ex but decided to go anyway, so the girl I was meetin called it quits which was fair another couple of months went by and we still slept together a couple of times. I was always tried to be nice to her but sometimes she was very cold. So went to Canada and relised couldn’t stop thinking about her. My friend who is her best friend said stuff to me like that this girl was crazy bout ( she now does not get invoked) So I came home after eight months and because we are in the same friend circle saw a lot of this girl. Asked her a few times could we meet (or shift) and she said yes but it never happened, so another few months went by 2 of us meeting different people. Until this weekend gone, she had been seen a guy recently but he wasn’t interested in a relationship so she stopped meeting him so two days later we end up sleeping together. And straight away she starts acting cold again (I think!) haven’t really seen much of her. I know I have strong feelings for and don’t know wat to do, should I wait till she makes a move again, I don’t want to annoy her cuz I know wat that’s like wit my ex.

  13. I’ve been in my current relationship for about five months now. Things were good and getting pretty serious until I found out my man has been looking at videos of other women online. Not porn, individual woman that he’s looked up, on his own terms. Videos of them doing their thing, fully clothed and undressed. It really hurt me and I feel disgusted thinking about him thinking and getting off to other women. During this whole time of me not knowing he still told me he loved me, the only woman that satisfies him is me, and that I’m enough for him. I was so mad, sad, and left feeling not good enough. About a week since I found out I began asking him on the down low, of how he would feel if he found out I was doing something similar. He answered-not knowing what I was referring to- that he would be hurt, mad, sad, and un-confident if he found out. After hearing him say that, I finally got the courage to tell him about the whole situation of me finding out he was doing it. He apologized and unsubscribed and un-followed all these woman and their channels which kind of helped.
    I have to admit, after I found out, I’ve had a few trust issues with him. I’ve tried hiding the fact that I’m feeling this way because I don’t want to upset him and I just love him so much, but this all does bother me to the max, and I don’t know if I’m exactly happy with how everything is heading at this point. Now, about three weeks later, I see he’s re-subscribed to a few of those channels again, even found a few new ones! I haven’t worked up the courage to confront him about this again. I’ve dropped a few hints, that I still am afraid he’s looking at them again and he’s told me “he wasn’t. I feel as if I’m asking too much when I tell him how it bothers me, and I don’t want to upset him, but he’s practically lying to me to my face. I don’t know if I should just let it go, stay quiet, and try to work things out with myself and my own confidence. Should this be a big deal? Should I worry? Help!

  14. Im going to hangout with this girl and we are going to be doing something she never does. She was the one that asked if we could when I asked her to hangout. Now I think she may like me cause shes always trying to keep a conversation going. It just confuses me if she is doing this to get my attention cause she doesnt do this

  15. I am just wanting some advice as to what I should do about my situation here it is:

    I have been with my partner for 10 years, been engaged to him for 2 years and due to get married in February 2014 and Friday he dropped a bombshell on me that I never saw coming in my wildest dreams and that was that he says he still love me but not like he should and that he feels unhappy at times. I have felt at time that our relationship wasn’t happy but I simply put that down to not seeing each other alone on a regular basis because we don’t live with each other which is the hardest thing coz our relationship happens over the phone most of the time. I love him to bits and don’t want to lose him coz we’d have come so far. But he says he needs to get his head sorted and find out what’s going on.

    Please help what should I do?

  16. So my ex started to go out with another girl while he wa atill with me he would come home at 4 am after talking to her and I would ask him about it and he knew he got caught he says he still loves me and wants to be with me but he doesn’t know if we should be together right now which were not I’m trying to give him time and space I think about what he wants but he texts me everyday later in the evening and well have small talk and then he’ll just stop talking to me. He also says he doesnt feel like i love him and injut pitty him and he doesnt want i be with me right now because he feels bad for what hes done.Does he still love me an wantto be with me? I want To win him back please help he says that he needs about a month for space and time and he told me he promises me that he will come back,because when i found out that he was talking to her i told him he had to move out and figure out if he wants to be with me or not anymore because he kept saying i dont know but now hes been texting me at some point in the evening and then he will all of sudden stop talking to me, before when we only dated for five months we broke up for a month and didnt talk until the near of the end of the month then we ened up back together and we just celebrated our 3 years in september

  17. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 18months and he moved into my flat 14months ago, in the last few months all we do is bikker at each other, my mum was then only given weeks to live so I went and looked after her in her last weeks he did support me, but last monday I come home from work and he’s packed his stuff and gone, told me we r still in relationship just can’t live together and need space, its tearing me apart, he told me he was staying at a b+b but I find out today that he’s staying with a female friend of his. Why he lie?

  18. i and my boyfriend are in relation from past 7 & half mnths, we used to talk almost the whole day, but from past 1 mnth he is acting strange! he keeps avoiding me and when i ask him the reason he says i will be happy without him in my life, he thinks i will stop loving him if he avoids me, i tried convincing him that i cannot live without him but he is jus avoiding me! what to do please help me i am dyin without him

  19. My boyfriend, 53, and I both live and work together. I have suspected for quite some time that he has had a crush on a 24 yr old co-worker of ours. When we first started living together in July he would frequently bring her up. When I confronted him on it he denied any feelings and quit talking about her. Just recently, he spent a good part of a shift we have with her trying to talk her into going to the company, trying to get other co-workers to convince her to go, and subsequently that night invited her to a super bowl party his brother throws every year. He never mentions inviting her boyfriend and clams up when she mentions brings him up. Should I be worried?
    Not sure what to do.

  20. My friend keeps saying stuff to me like “you want me” and he’s even told me he was going to makeout with me. I dont know what he is trying to do because if he liked me couldent he have asked me out by now?

  21. Benn dating this girl for a year.
    I’m 53 she is 45 both never married.
    She has been in and still in a messed up relationship of 14 years
    I have proposed. no answer yet
    She says the 14 year relationship is going no where.
    Yet keeps running to him ??
    So….. Hang in there or run ??

  22. My boyfriend and I have been together close to a year. In the past 3-4 months he’s been getting progressively more negative. He often blames me for problems that aren’t under my control such as his unhappiness, grades, and lack of satisfaction. He dislikes me going out because he heels it’s unfair I get to have “more fun than him”. Even when it’s just for groceries or errands. He also told me I “ruined sex for him” because I have a fairly high sex drive and enjoy it. He’s very loving before sex and doesn’t mind just making me come but right after he orgasms he gets very cold and distant. I’ve tried talking to him about all of these things so we can work on them but he accuses me of sabotaging the relationship, being selfish, and attacks my character and looks.
    At other times he is very sweet and kind. He’s always willing to do things for and with me and makes me feel loved. But if I’m not on my best behaviour he get’s like that.
    What should I do?

  23. one GOD
    my friends ask me whats so special about him…but I don’t tell them becuase im afraid they’ll fall in love too.

  24. Recently an ex, nine years gone by, sends me an invite on Facebook. Very complentory and sweet. I could not be sweet back because I remember him. He laugh at rape jokes, wrote pro-rape poetry, critized my body continuously, took my hard earned money for granted, pretended we weren’t together sometimes in front of his friends and waived violent and degrading pornography around in my face. Passing it back and forth with his buddies. The only reason I can think of that I put up with any of it is that I had never had a boyfriend before or any positive male role models in childhood and being very young didn’t know better. I don’t enjoy being unkind to anyone. After as restrained and un-inflammatory a reply as I could give him. I wished him well and thought I was done with him. But a month later he sends me a link to a gross, sexually degrading, music video of him, his band, and a stripper writhing about the men’s feet in bondage. An accident he says. He’d meant to send it to someone else. He’s sorry he says. How can I make this go away. I feel lousy. I wish this guy would never have crawled out from under his rock to remind me of his existence. Even on accident he’s a pig. Maybe you all have some advise to get over the blues.

  25. Hi my boyfriend wants to kiss me in front of my mom but my mom doesn’t know tht we r dating I told him ok but I’m scared what should I do?

  26. this guy who i thought like me, i met hi through the internet, and we have met in person , and we have good chemistry, has stopped texting me like he normalyl does and , has been in bourbom since thursday, and i thought he was pretty serious about me and was gonig to ask me out, and the past two days he sent me g;mornin texts and stopped.
    So i finally texted him **** how ifelt about the way he was treating me , how i wasn’t going to put up with him barely texting me and hot it makes me feel like he is trying to avoid me or lost interest. Well then i sent a message this morning , sayig sorry for the stress and that im not perfect. He said, can you pleas stop, i too **** up to hear this. i have no idea what he meant or any idea any more.
    Which i can admit, i do text him obessively, but thats only because he doesnt even respond, and it could be days. Is there still hope? i still care about him, if there is still hope, tell me how i can make him miss me and play hard ot get. i havent texted him at all after he sent that message about being **** up. What to do ? im years old, and he is 19. I know we aarent dating but , we’ve been talking for sometimes, and maybe im overreacting or just worried , but this how i feel,

  27. d?Me in my Ex broke up the last day of February today its march 10th we only I guess been broke up 2 weeks but so my ex in me since Saturday we been texting before the break up he barely text or call but now we text he even tx me the next morning in so today I called him in he answered on the 1st ring in sounded so happy to talk sound like he had a big smile ion no if he was happy at some else or me just 2 weeks ago before we broke up he was ignoring me so I stop calling in did the no contact for a week he ain’t hear none from me that week so what made him come back so fast I thought it would be months before we talk again did he miss me what it is is he working his way back too me slowly ion no what to think he even said he gone come over in see my new room I was telling him about I just dont get it I wont us to be a couple again but im not finna ask because he broke up with me he said I fuse to much I just need help why he came back so fast did he miss me someone tell me whats going on

  28. Hi so I got married in 2010 it’s a live marriage I know him for 8 years but ever since we have got married he have no money for me I live in Ohio and he’s back in India I go visit him pretty much every here I had to quit my job cause of my marriage I had school loans and credit cards but when I ask him to pay he told me he’s not the 1 who used it so why would he pay. He lives with his parents I see him spending money on his mom all the time but when it comes to me all I hear is he dont have it or he have to borrow I asked him so many times but he have never really send me any even no gifts after the marriage no birthday or anniversary or anything and yet of I ask he says that he have done so much and I can’t see it n won’t be able to either I had to ask my parents for money to help him with his stuff ….so confused dont know what to do

  29. i was dating this guy for 2 years and i entered it knowing that i wasn’t gonna have sex anytime soon and he agreed but 4 months into the relationship he cheated which i forgave. then again he started flirting and collecting nudes which i also forgave because i understood what he was going through not having to have sex so i let that be. but then he breaks up with me saying he doesn’t want to cheat on me so he will end the relationship and go on and have sex. i really love this guy and i was wondering if there were tips to get him back. i really want him back in my life although i still think he is a jerk but he is the coolest jerk i know.

  30. There’s this girl (I am bisexual and mostly into girls) we met over facebook when i added the wrong person. We kept talking and learning new things about eachother and without noticing I was falling, hard. She’s beautiful, not only in looks but her soul is just so unique and pure. She’s the most amazing girl I’ve ever met. Now here’s the it just a fling. We hang out a lot and we’ve kissed and act like a couple but she’s starting to want more and I do too but what if I put all my trust in this and she just throws it away? My parents are also a problem. I’m young, immature, irresponsible, but I need to find things out about myself. I tooka chance with a girl and they don’t like that. They are homophobic and I’m extremely nervous on what to do now. If you have any advice..just anything that can help kik me.. I’m misfitKS099. Thank you

  31. I’m super confused . I’ve been with this guy for about 8 years now. we’ve talked about marriage many times. but the minute he moves in all we do is fight we can’t live with each other more than 3 mo. are relationship has been on and off for the last 8 years in July we ended up breaking up.. later that month an old highschool crush message me on Facebook. we always had an attraction for each other but never can make the move. you recently been on a few dates. nothing serious but now my ex is back in my life. I’m not dating either one but when I’m with my ex I feel comforted. but yet I can’t stop thinking about the new guy I I glow when I’m with him. I obviously don’t trust him and that’s why I won’t let go of my ex. the new guy and I have a lot to learn from each other. he has admitted to me that I’m the type of girl he can fall in love with. he has had a crush on me ever since the first time he saw me in 7th grade. and we have started getting serious as we always say we missed each heart and mind is so confused.please shine some light.

  32. Im 15 (year 10) and he was 16 (year 12) and we started talking in October 2013 and never met up till about january in 2014 and we saw eachother everyweekend and we were always texting, calling, facetiming etc and then in about february he stopped making an effort and i was always instagating the conversations but he was so blunt! And when he got home from college hed just go to sleep and wouldnt even say anything to me so i would just be left hanging and thinking he was ignoring me! And it made me sad that we used to talk 24/7 then went to nothing! And then about a month ago (March) i told him one evening that id started cutting my wrists again (not as bad as i used to afew years ago but i was cutting) and he then said to me that we should take a break and that if we were meant to be together that we would get to gether again naturally, then i find out hes deleted me on everything and all social networks, i then heard that he was seeing someone else within a week or two of ending things with me (im not sure if its true tho) i miss him so much and because i think he wont talk to me if i tried to talk to him i just want to know how he feels about me

  33. I was just wondering what i should do because my sister just broke up with her boyfriend like 2 weeks ago and she claims that she thinks something is going on between us and there isn’t anything. I also told him about what was said about us and he hasnt talked to me sense. I dont know what im suppose to do.

  34. I need some help, i am in high school, and i am in love with a boy who uses me for sex bc he knows i will give in to him. i lost my virginity to him and i dont want to do anything sexual with anyone else right now. I am also engaged to a boy who lives in a different city than me… we are very mature about th engagement and have decided it is open until we are ready for it, we can break it off if we need to, it is basically a back up plan, i was also sent to a hospital last year for suicide and i was diagnosed with bipolar, i cant handle my emotions… and i feel like im drowning at all times… i told the boy i love to stop talking to me then sobbed all night and thought about apologizing… my fiance dosnt know this is happening because if he did he would hurt the guy im in love with… i just dont know what to do anymore please help

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